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The POWERgrass® hybrid grass is an innovative project that combines the advantages of natural grass and the resistance of synthetic turf to offer a professional pitch, resistant, durable, with reduced maintenance, cost effective that is accessible to ordinary people.

The interview of Sean Goodwin and the one of Graham Longdin confirm the validity of POWERgrass!

Play better and safer!

Play better and safer

Traction, Stability and Softness of the playing surface, are the most important prerogatives.

Resistant and long lasting!

Resistant and long lasting

Resistant up to 6 hours of play per day and is estimated to last over 20 years with regular maintenance.

Respect the planet & Save money!

Respect the planet & Save money

PowerGrass generates savings to the community, investors and groundstaff.


Reinforcement of Natural Grass!

POWERgrass hybrid grass system consists in:

A. a synthetic turf with 60 mm fibres, disposed in 6300 tufts ≈ 75600 monofilaments per sqm. The fibre-tufts are bound on the backing with tearing resistance ≥35 N by the technology LC-HM without obstructing the permeability and the softness of the backing. The synthetic turf is pliable to 180° on each intersection between the knots to remain elastic to the players pressure. The backing and the seams of the synthetic turf must be robust with resistance ≥500 N, to permit easy installation and duration.

  • The fibres of 18000 dtex are composed from 6 strong and soft monofilaments of two colour and they look like natural grass because of their ondulated shape offering aesthetic appearance. The filaments section has a width of 1400 microns and thickness that is progressively strengthen from the edges of 200 microns to the centre spine of 350 microns. The filaments resilience is ≥2.50 cN (calculated at 300 cycles with the Favimat R Textechno method).
  • The backing comprises a non-putrescible mesh with high porosity for about 320.000 voids/sqm with irregular 3D shapes to permit air circulation and roots penetration and to limit the sand migration. The mesh is ladder-proof to maintain its structure after needle-tinning to aerate the root zone below. It comprises also a thin geotextile providing an insulating effect to mitigate heat and frost stress.

B. a substrate based on silica sand mixed, in volume 20-25%, with ZOEsand, a mineral-organic soil conditioner. After the synthetic turf rolls are stitched, the synthetic turf is filled and raked with cork for about 7 mm and then is filled and raked gradually with the same mix of before (sand+ZOEsand), until the formation of an infill layer of 35 mm, thus to provide the best interaction of the athlete's stud with the surface.


The hybrid pitch of Grosseto - two seasons later
martedì 6 novembre 2018
Opening of the hybrid field in Castello del Matese
venerdì 19 agosto 2016
Hybrid grass field in Castello del Matese - IT
giovedì 30 giugno 2016


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